We're moving from technology to production using a patented process based on time-honored Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology, originally developed in the 1920s using coal to create fuels. The Syntroleum Processes convert fats, biomass, natural gas, coal, and other carbon bearing feedstocks into ultra-clean and environmentally friendly fuels.

Syntroleum's Fischer-Tropsch and Bio-Synfining® technologies offer proven results and a solution to the world's declining oil and natural gas production as well as a clear advantage to other forms of alternative fuels. Engines using Syntroleum ultra-clean diesel offer significantly greater well-to-wheel carbon efficiencies than gasoline and natural gas engines, and comparable efficiencies to ultra-low sulfur diesel produced from petroleum.

As a neat fuel or for use in various fuel blends with conventional diesel, Syntroleum can power today's engines at dramatically reduced emission levels without sacrificing performance.

Another major advantage of Syntroleum's clean fuel and renewable fuel products is their compatibility with today's diesel engines, their blending characteristics with other liquids and their ability to be transported using existing infrastructures.

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