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AICO Africa Limited is the investment holdings company for prolific brands and subsidiaries. It is strategically positioned to make an indelible imprint on the global market. Our investments are as below:-

Group Structure

Our principal businesses and their respective activities, products and core markets at a glance are shown below:


Cottco Limited

CottcoAICO wholly owns Cottco, which, with nine ginneries across Zimbabwe, constitutes the Cotton operations of the Group. Cottco is the single largest ginner of cotton in Southern Africa, and is involved in every facet of cotton production and sales.

Principal activities: Ginning of seed cotton and selling of lint and by products of the ginning process.

Products: Lint, ginned seed, de-linted seed and linters.

Markets: Africa, Asia and Europe

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Olivine Holdings (Pvt) Limited

OlivineAICO also has a 49% stake in Olivine Holdings (Private) Limited, a major player in the local fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Its key products include edible oils and fats, canned vegetables, soaps, cotton and soya meal.

Principal activities: Manufacturing of edible oils and fats, jams and marmalades, soaps, candles as well as canned foods and vegetables.

Products: Cooking oil, margarine, candles, baked beans, bath soaps and canned foods.

Markets: Africa

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Seed Co Limited

Seed COAICO holds a 50.20% controlling stake in Seed Co Limited. Seed Co develops and markets hybrid maize and other broad acre crop seeds. Seed Co, in turn, holds a 100% interest in a cotton planting seed production house, Quton Seed Company (Private) Limited.

Principal activities: Development, production and selling of broad acre crop seeds

Products: Maize, soya beans, wheat, cotton, sorghum, and a variety of other crop seeds

Markets: Africa

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