Executive Officers

As a master limited partnership, Williams Partners has no directors or officers. Instead, the partnership’s general partner, Williams Partners GP LLC, manages all operations and activities. The listing below notes the executive officers and their respective titles with Williams Partners GP LLC. All of the senior officers below are also senior officers of Williams, which owns Williams Partners GP LLC.
Alan S. Armstrong
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Frank E. Billings
Senior Vice President - Corporate Strategic Development 
Allison G. Bridges
Senior Vice President - West 
Donald R. Chappel
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
John R. Dearborn, Jr.
Senior Vice President - NGL & Petchem Services 
Rory L. Miller
Senior Vice President - Atlantic-Gulf
Fred E. Pace
Senior Vice President - E&C
Brian L. Perriloux
Senior Vice President - Operational Excellence 
General Counsel
James E. Scheel
Senior Vice President - Northeast G&P

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