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Mission and vision

Buenaventura’s Human Resources team supports, participates and actively influences in the company’s operations. Our mission is to contribute to the organization’s progress and growth through the recruitment, integration, motivation, development and maintenance of human capital and a satisfactory environment among employees. All this is conducted in harmony with the values of the company.

We know that a motivated employee is more stable and productive so he contributes more to reach the organization’s goals.

Our vision is to be recognized as medullar part of the organization in the achieving Buenaventura’s goals, through leadership development and appropriate human talent management.

Buenaventura’s Culture

Buenaventura’s employees are the principal factor to achieve success. Their effort, commitment and constancy philosophy has been a key factor to reach the organization’s goals and be placed in a leadership position.

That is way Buenaventura actively contributes to the training of talents, development of individual and collective skills, and promotion of the knowledge process: reflection, innovation and achieving results.

Buenaventura believes in the excellence of the work, in the importance of making the things in the right way and in the impact of a well-done job in the development of everyone.

Buenaventura is concerned to show its leadership in the exploration and operation of mines without losing sight its principal goal: Peru’s development.

We believe that everything done for the welfare of our staff is not only an obligation of social solidarity, but a fruitful investment for Buenaventura and Peru.

Buenaventura’s values

Buenaventura’s values guide the behavior of all the employees in each of the mine units and in the achieving of the company’s strategic goals.

Our principal values are:

  • Integrity: to show a personal behavior consistent with our values.

  • Loyalty: to be committed to Buenaventura and its people above any personal interest.

  • Transparency: to be sincere and truthful in what we say and do.

  • Laboriosidad: to be disciplined for a well done work, making our best effort, paying attention for details and collaborating with all company’s members.

  • Respect: to value human dignity, customs, traditions, believes, and to be tolerant with other’s differences.

  • Honesty: to have a righteous behavior, telling always the true, and to disagree with respect.

Career Line and Development of opportunities

Buenaventura believes in the people’s development. Therefore, one of its principal goals is the personal and professional employee’s improvement:

  • Leadership styles: emphasizing the people’s development and direction, team work and cooperation capacity.

  • Skills of direction: constructing horizontal and vertical relationships; and a comprehensive organizational awareness of the business.

  • Application of BVN values: Honesty, Integrity, Laboriosidad, Loyalty, Respect, Transparency.

Compensation and benefits

Buenaventura seeks to create a working environment that meets the expectations of professional and personal development of its employees.

The remuneration responds to four objective criteria:

  • Hierarchical: position and responsibility level in the position held.

  • By results: performance and individual y collective goal achievement.

  • Market comparison: same position’s remuneration in the market and the country’s economic variables.

  • Geographic location: geographic conditions where the activity is made. The field work or at the mine units is paid the most.
Last Update: June 08, 2012

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