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During the past 16 years, Park City Group (PCG) has invested more than $150 million to develop a cloud-based, SAAS technology platform that allows retailers and their suppliers to make sense of the millions of consumer transactions that occur daily and use that information to reduce out of stocks, increase sales, and lower inventory levels throughout the supply chain.  Out of stocks are the most difficult problem a brick & mortar retailer faces today: more than half the time when a retailer doesn’t have the product that a consumer wants, that consumer takes his business elsewhere. The risk isn’t just a lost sale, but rather a lost customer. The supply chain that keeps the product on the shelf is a long and complex one, often starting abroad. There is the problem getting the forecast right for that store’s shelf, then getting the order right for the warehouse that supplies the store, then the right allocation from the manufacturer, then the right demand planning from his suppliers and so on. Park City Group assists at each stage of that arduous process to keep the consumer coming back.

Beyond the financial benefits of increased sales and lower inventories, PCG’s supply chain management solutions also offer long-term strategic benefits to retailers and suppliers.  By increasing their in-stock positioning and using capital freed up from lower inventories to remodel their stores, PCG’s retail customers are able to improve the shopping experience and create greater customer loyalty.   By enabling retailers and suppliers to share accurate information about store level sales, PCG’s solution aligns the financial interest of both parties. Retailers enlist the brain power of the suppliers to keep the stores in stock and suppliers are able to use more accurate information to have the right amount of inventory at each stage of the supply chain.  With accurate inventory levels, there is less need to sell “on deal” to clear out excess inventory, allowing suppliers to capture more margin dollars.

Using PCG’s base-level service, customers are able to create perpetual inventories by store and by SKU to diagnose out-of-stocks and overstocked situations.  Increasingly, customers are also buying additional supply chain modules that allow them to not only diagnose issues within their supply chain, but also to solve those issues. Expanding services with existing customers further strengthens the strategic aspect of PCG’s relationship and expands the average revenue generated per customer by an order of magnitude.

Food & Drug Safety - Leveraging its proven supply chain management technology, Park City Group has partnered with a leading global authority on food and drug safety, Leavitt Partners, to form a global food and drug safety registry named Repositrak™.The solution creates visibility from the farm to the fork in the food industry, and from the manufacturer to the pharmacy in the pharmaceuticals industry. The new partnership will help food retailers, foodservice operators, wholesalers and manufacturers protect their brands and be compliant with current and future regulatory requirements that could emerge from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). a very low monthly cost per supplier and each retailer having thousands of supplier connections, PCG believes that there is a $1 billion+ addressable market for this solution. The partnership is expected to fuel growth of PCG’s other supply chain management solutions, as many of the launch customers for ReposiTrak learn about the potential benefits of Park City Group’s other end-to-end solutions.

Like most software companies, Park City Group (PCG) has an “asset-light” business model, in which a large portion of each incremental sales dollar falls to the bottom line. Company infrastructure is in place to scale the business without having to add significantly to fixed costs. With the strength of this model, PCG is currently accelerating its growth and generating positive free cash flow.

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