Welcome to ParkOhio...
…a diversified manufacturing services and products holding company with over 5,000 employees operating from 80 locations in 16 countries and annual revenues for 2012 over $1 billion.

Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: PKOH) is a publicly held company that, through prudent investment strategies and long-term customer relationships with the majority of Fortune 100 companies, has achieved:


The #1 or #2 market position in more than 80% of our businesses
70% of sales are sole-source
Average tenure of on-going service to Top 50 customers in excess of six years
Stable financial position with strong cash flows

Acknowledged experts in creating efficiencies in Total Supply Management™, developing quality cast and machined aluminum components, and manufacturing highly engineered products, Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. has historically delivered high returns on equity.

Our investment philosophy is to target businesses that service global, infrastructure-related companies, and that will quickly benefit from hands-on management and strategic capital infusions.

As the world grows, so does our commitment to you.